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I sometimes find it amazing how everything continues to change and evolve.  Even though we don’t really like change, no one cares because life continually evolves and we are forced to change – whether we like it or not.  This is a season of change for me and I’m trying not to buck against progress (smile) and embrace all of the wonderful things God has in store for me if I will just trust Him in this season.  I can even sense the great blessing that is in store for me yet I find myself a bit hesitate to jump in
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Each year, I approach Ash Wednesday and the Lenten Season as a time of serious, character-building, soul-searching, come-to-Jesus-and-tell-it-all opportunity.  Time just seems to fly by with all of the responsibiities of just living but each year I have become more and more determined to slow it down and reflect.  This season has been really good for me because I’ve once again discovered a new reality that I can simply step into if I choose another path. There are so many things in my life that I can simply do without.  As I fast from some things that I really love,
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I find it amazing the lengths that certain people will go to get their hands on money!  Even in the Body of Believers, we find those who really seem to believe that God is mocked – that you won’t reap what you sow! But I truly believe that if we spend our God-given time here on earth chasing after those worldly things as non-Believers do – then we are simply choosing to waste our time here on earth.  Time swiftly passes and as we get older we realize that those things that make us happier have nothing to do with
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Of course, its December 13th and I’m barely aware that the Christmas Season is quickly approaching.  I have too much work to do for shopping.  I say that every year but now that my children are young adults and the desire to make this time of year special for them, I find that I’ve lost all interest in the commercialism of the Season. There is one thing I am excited about!  I’m finally getting old enough to really appreciate the opportunity to focus on the virgin birth and the blessing of the birth of Jesus, Our Christ!  As I bow
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Have you ever been in a season where it seems you are getting blessing after blessing and you are wondering how is it possible that flawed and challenged me could continue to be so blessed.  I have always been a recipient of far more blessings than I could have ever asked for or thought of.  The few times in my life when I have been fortunate to be in one of the seasons when the Lord decides to just pour out gifts on me that I surely don’t have room to recieve, I remind myself that the only reason I’m