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In my consulting practice, I have found that many Pastor use the church credit card for business as well as some expenses that could easily be determined to be personal in nature. As a church financial secretary for 25 years, I fully understand the lure of providing the Pastor with a credit card so that his/her numerous needs can be met without the constant issuance of checks and receipt of expense reports forms.  Yet, the risks to the Pastor as well as the risks to the church far outweigh the perceived convenience. The following are risks associated with personal use of
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I am a member of a wonderful church school class that has open up Bible study to me in a way that has changed my life and my perspective immensely.  I have studied the Bible for all of our life literally but we truly don’t understand the Bible until we routinely apply it to ourselves and how we think, speak, live and interact with others.  In Galatians 5:14, we read “For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”  The Law as given to Moses is full of responsibilities for
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Many times in the past when I am teaching a financial training session for Pastors or church leaders, they are amazed that I list as my first Financial Best Practice “having a biblically-sound basis for giving”.  I am a CPA and of course, the expectation is that I will focus on tax and financial methods and advise, but I’m a Believer first and foremost.  As I am given opportunities across the U.S. to train church leaders, God has mandated that I first lift Him up and make clear that His way is still the only way.  The Internal Revenue Service
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Tithing and Giving to God
It’s amazing when you start to actually study – I mean really seek Him through studying – the Word of God, how He will continue to reveal Himself to you.  I’ve been a tither for many years and teach on it frequently but as I have delved into the Word more for a clear understanding of all the things that I speak to others, I have found that this tithing idea really needs a lot of further clarification.  It is clear from the Word of God that we are no longer under The Law of Moses where tithing was commanded and
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I spend quite a bit of time reviewing tax returns and advising as best I can on tax strategy and helping Pastors find new ways to conquer their various tax situations.  I don’t believe this is a time to lose it!  Tax planning is for real and understanding how to structure your income and expenses in a fashion that minimizes your tax burden, takes some time and effort.  So, Pastor’s take full advantage of that housing allowance exclusion.  No one in the country enjoys this benefit and therefore, because of the wonderful affect your work has on the community, you
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