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Oops! We’ve got this tithing thing good and wrong!

It’s amazing when you start to actually study – I mean really seek Him through studying – the Word of God, how He will continue to reveal Himself to you.  I’ve been a tither for many years and teach on it frequently but as I have delved into the Word more for a clear understanding of all the things that I speak to others, I have found that this tithing idea really needs a lot of further clarification.  It is clear from the Word of God that we are no longer under The Law of Moses where tithing was commanded and all of the instances in the Old Testament where givers showed their reverence for God with a gift of 10% or by offering a tithe of 10% accompanied by a 5th (20%) as an atonement for their sins from their increase. It is also clear that while the law is confirmed in the New Testament, we are now under Grace through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ which atoned for our many sins.  That debt is paid in full.  Yet we still give just a tithe as if it is the requirement and therefore meaningful.  I know many of you have heard me say that we know tithing won’t save us.  We are saved by believing what John 3:16 states.  The only examples in the New Testament where Jesus recognized any gifts as meaningful were sacrifices of 100%.  He gave His only Son so we are expected to sacrifice and do so cheerfully.  While I still believe that the practice of tithing is worthwhile simply for the reason that if we willingly give 10% consistently we are at least recognizing God as the giver of the 100% and we are giving to Him in appreciation for the gift.  But in these days where we are given an unmerited abundance of Grace even though we are a hot mess, 10% is just a bar minimum and almost a joke!  Until we give generously and cheerfully from our hearts 20%, 40%, 60% and even 100%, we are still falling far short of loving Him like we should.  I’m working on getting this type of true Love in my heart for God as I should.  I love Him dearly and serve Him each day but I’m not even close to loving Him like I should or being His totally devoted steward.  Are you?  I’m going to keep at it until I get it better and better each day!  I pray that you will as well. Loving Him Always and In Abundance!!!!!!!!