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Tax Time Shouldn’t Freak You Out!

I spend quite a bit of time reviewing tax returns and advising as best I can on tax strategy and helping Pastors find new ways to conquer their various tax situations.  I don’t believe this is a time to lose it!  Tax planning is for real and understanding how to structure your income and expenses in a fashion that minimizes your tax burden, takes some time and effort.  So, Pastor’s take full advantage of that housing allowance exclusion.  No one in the country enjoys this benefit and therefore, because of the wonderful affect your work has on the community, you are given special tax treatment.  Maximize it by taking the time to understand it!  Then hold your tax preparer responsible for reporting correctly for you and reap the benefits of being in control of your financial future.  Tax time is not a time to freak out, its a time to win through your knowledge and preparedness!  Bravo!