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It’s Holy Week and I woke up this morning praising The Father for the continuous miracles I am blessed to witness!  His death and resurrection was THE MIRACLE that saved you and me from death and destruction.  He gave us a door to SALVATION and He even opened the door for us to simply walk through.  Yesterday, I witnessed a miracle.  I have a new client who has been stuck for many years paying for a leased storefront to house their thriving ministry.  The lease was far, far above what they could afford but they’ve faithfully sacrificed to pay on time
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… the songwriter says that “His Favor is More Precious than Gold”!  How very true.  I was in two church services today and came away from both feeling “favored”.  Simply because how blessed I am just to know Him!  How blessed I am to be His Child.  How very favored I am yet I’m simply one of millions who love Him and feel favored too.  But I feel special, because He makes me feel special .  My Stewardship is required.  How can someone be the recipient of so much unmerited favor yet be stingy with my time, my talents and
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I was watching a popular investor today talk about how the stock market is literally a guaranteed good investment if you are prepared to stay in it long enough to reap the benefit.  I was thinking “you gotta be kidding me?”.  How could someone say that after the crash we experienced in 2008.  We all know that many investors lost everything and that there are many investments that have not and will not ever recover.  Now, let’s do a little compare and contrast exercise.  Every dollar I’ve ever invested in ministry has reaped excellent benefits for me and my family.
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Many of us choose to give charitably to those things that matter to us.  We have faithfully given to causes and to our churches where we are being spiritually fed.  My question today is regarding what is really in our hearts as we give to our church or ministry.  Are we really in a spirit of thanksgiving and worship as we render our gifts or are we simply acting out of routine?  Are we giving looking for Him to bless us in return? Are we giving because we are afraid not to?  Will He continue to bless me if I don’t
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Fireworks at Lecco
How wonderful to receive the blessing of living to see a new year?  There are many who started this journey but were not destined to see this day.  This is the Lord’s day and I will rejoice, sing and shout His praises and be glad in it.  This new presents of course new challenges since those demons we faced in 2013 are still present although they may be covered in the blood and dormant.  But I praise God that the oporunities given to us as we enter this new year are boundless.  The word tells us that a reward is