God so moved the world...he sent jesus qote
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… the songwriter says that “His Favor is More Precious than Gold”!  How very true.  I was in two church services today and came away from both feeling “favored”.  Simply because how blessed I am just to know Him!  How blessed I am to be His Child.  How very favored I am yet I’m simply one of millions who love Him and feel favored too.  But I feel special, because He makes me feel special

.  My Stewardship is required.  How can someone be the recipient of so much unmerited favor yet be stingy with my time, my talents and my worldly treasures? As I get older, I’m finding it very difficult to deny His undeniable presence in everything that I do.  He covers my family and I constantly with His hedge of protection in a world full of pain and loss.  Each day is a gift.  I MUST treat each moment that He gives me as a gift to be shared.  Lord, help me reflect Your Love and Your Favor in my relationships with others.  My Stewardship is required as a living sacrifice for ALL that I’ve been given.