Fireworks at Lecco
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How wonderful to receive the blessing of living to see a new year?  There are many who started this journey but were not destined to see this day.  This is the Lord’s day and I will rejoice, sing and shout His praises and be glad in it.  This new presents of course new challenges since those demons we faced in 2013 are still present although they may be covered in the blood and dormant.  But I praise God that the oporunities given to us as we enter this new year are boundless.  The word tells us that a reward is waiting for us if we choose to spend our time here on earth as a good steward.  Giving our 10% is just the beginning, how will we invest the remaining 90% so that He is constantly glorified and lifted in everything that we do.  A wonderful new beginning! Another chance to show Him how grateful we are that He has allowed us another opportunity to earn the acclaim “Well done, thy good and faithful servant.  Well done!”.