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Many of us choose to give charitably to those things that matter to us.  We have faithfully given to causes and to our churches where we are being spiritually fed.  My question today is regarding what is really in our hearts as we give to our church or ministry.  Are we really in a spirit of thanksgiving and worship as we render our gifts or are we simply acting out of routine?  Are we giving looking for Him to bless us in return? Are we giving because we are afraid not to?  Will He continue to bless me if I don’t give? I believe that we slip into each of these selfish attitudes at some point during our Christian walk.

Giving cheerfully starts with a clear understanding of where our gifts come from and who gave us the gift.  If we can accept and embrace that NOTHING BELONGS TO US, it becomes very easy to give cheerfully.  Why? Because its not ours anyway so why hold on so tightly to something that isn’t ours in the first place.  We are simply caretakers, or should I say “stewards” of what He chooses to bless us with.  And as the parable of the talents in Matthew 25 teaches us, not only are we caretakers but we are expected to invest and grow what we have been given so that we return more to the Master than we were initially given.  This requires us to get to work!

So, when you give your next gift, remember where it came from and that your first step in investing and growing your gifts for the Master is to cheerfully put a portion of it back into His hands.  You shouldn’t care what happens to it after you give it since you are simply expected to give it cheerfully.  I can’t think of a more lucrative investment opportunity on earth!