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God is simply “miraculous”!

It’s Holy Week and I woke up this morning praising The Father for the continuous miracles I am blessed to witness!  His death and resurrection was THE MIRACLE that saved you and me from death and destruction.  He gave us a door to SALVATION and He even opened the door for us to simply walk through.  Yesterday, I witnessed a miracle.  I have a new client who has been stuck for many years paying for a leased storefront to house their thriving ministry.  The lease was far, far above what they could afford but they’ve faithfully sacrificed to pay on time and pour 100% of everything left back into their ministry and their school.  They found a large church building with only 5 members and no pastor that they wanted to secure for their ministry.  I pulled together a 3-year bank financial package for them and I helped them write a proposal for the building that cuts their lease payments in half. THEIR PROPOSAL WAS ACCEPTED! My God, My God, My God! How wonderful you are!  My heart sings for the wonderful work the Lord will continue to do in the ministry of this client!  God is simply “miraculous’!