'blessings' in curly writing
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Have you ever been in a season where it seems you are getting blessing after blessing and you are wondering how is it possible that flawed and challenged me could continue to be so blessed.  I have always been a recipient of far more blessings than I could have ever asked for or thought of.  The few times in my life when I have been fortunate to be in one of the seasons when the Lord decides to just pour out gifts on me that I surely don’t have room to recieve, I remind myself that the only reason I’m so surprised at His generousity is because I constantly underestimate just how good, loving, and forgiving He really is.  When we think about His ultimate gift of His only Son and His continual patience with us when we know we are plain wrong, its clear His capacity for love is far, far above anything we could ask or think.  As we develop as faithful stewards, let’s remember that biblical stewardship requires sacrifice and long suffering.  We should practice giving to our church and others as if we are constantly reminded how good He is to us.  While we are in the season of “more than enough” let’s share with others and be generous in our dealings. To whom much is given, much is required…..Be generous in all things!